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Whether gardening is your passion or you just want to make sure that your outdoor space looks good, a Terracotta garden pot can compliment any setting. Made from the finest Italian clay, our Terracotta garden pots are beautiful and stylish. We offer a range of designs and patinas to choose from and stock both hand-made and machine-made Terracotta garden pots. Build onto your design and create a unique look with Terracotta pot bases and feet that enhance the look for your pot, as well as give you an option of where you can place the pots. As a supplier of classic Terracotta garden pots in South Africa, we at Plaisir du Jardin are experts in designs and material. Pop into one of our showrooms and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right Terracotta pot for your outdoor space.


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* Please note that prices reflected on this website may change without prior notification. Please enquire with our branches for latest prices.*